The #FRINGE Movement

As we near the return of our favorite show on FOX this Thursday, I think it’s only fitting that we as FRINGE fanatics or better known as “Cortexi-fans” make a little statement and show our support for the show.


  • Twitter:
    This is the *Ultimate Goal*
    Let’s TREND the hashtag #FRINGE prior to April 1 and all day on April 1.
    + whilst watching episode 2.15, join the live discussion at hashtag #Fringe215, remember to use #Fringe as well in all your discussion tweets. 
  • Twibbon: Add a Fringe Twibbon to your avatar, like.. now?
             or       or        
  • Blogs: Spam FRINGE as much as possible - We are talking pic-spams, quotes, videos, recaps, etc. all WEEK (just remember to tag the posts)
  • Facebook: Get the message out. Let people know that FRINGE is back. Promote the ‘Fringe Facebook Page’, quote some Walter-goodness, etc. 

  • For the creative minds. A few weeks back fellow fringey ‘Kira’ suggested we all write/draw “Imagine the Impossibilities” on our arm and strut it - take a photo afterwards of course. I say great idea, so if you are in, strut it! 

These are just a few suggestions on ways to spread the love and hopefully up the ratings for Fringe 2.15 and future episodes.

This movement is about the preservation of the show and it’s fans. Reblog, Retweet & sound off in the comments for other suggestions. Let’s make an impact, let’s have some Fringe fun and let’s get trending! 


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